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The website and information published within is provided in good faith, however certain information can change at short notice and users are reminded that although we try to maintain this site with up to date information we do not guarantee the accuracy of contents within the website due to the aforementioned reasons.

Commercial property energy inspection is a new sector of the market and many changes may take place before implementation of new regulations covering this sector of the market. We will endeavour to keep abreast of these changes when they come into effect, so please check back to refer to any updates.

In addition, we cannot vouch for any information published on third party sites which are connected with this website.

If you have specific questions regarding the above please post your message at:

When we accept an instruction to produce an EPC* or a DEC* or to provide/ update an associated Recommendations or Advisory Report and which requires a site survey, we need to underline the conditions and terms of our remit, as noted:


Our survey is a visual non-intrusive type. We do not adjust, alter or modify building services equipment or controls in any way, nor disturb the fabric of the building.


We require access to all areas of the building requiring certification, including plant rooms.


We require conformation that all areas to be surveyed have had a proper asbestos survey conducted and that the official Asbestos Register together with location drawings is completed and available for our inspection prior to start of survey.

Health & Safety

We will comply with your Companies Health & Safety Policy and wear appropriate PPE as directed or displayed.

Photographic records & security sensitive information

Under Government Energy Directives, we are required to keep a photographic record of buildings surveyed for EPCs and/or DECs. We will make available all photographic records of site, elevations & key building services on request. We will hold such records securely & will not pass these onto any 3rd parties.

Boiler efficiency

It is to be noted that the numerical value of Boiler efficiency % (as required for the completion of EPCs & DECs) may not be available nor included in the check list of a standard boiler maintenance contract. In consequence, the accompanying Report issued with the Certificate will list a recommendation to have a specialist inspect & quantify the efficiency of the boiler. The arrangement and costs for such a specialist fall outside the scope and remit of our services.

Air-Conditioning Inspections

The requirements from 4 Jan 2009 to have all Air Conditioning plant inspected fall outside the scope and remit of our services.

Clause A

If during the course of a survey, any area is deemed to be in a hazardous of unsafe condition, we will immediately draw this to your attention and reserve the right to defer the assessment until said areas deficiency is corrected.


A Display Energy Certificate shows the energy performance of a building based on actual energy consumption as recorded annually over periods up to the last three years (the Operational Rating). The DEC also shows an Asset Rating for this building if this is available (by way of an EPC). A DEC is valid for one year & must be updated annually.


An EPC tells the potential buyers and tenants about the energy performance of a building so they may consider energy efficiency as part of their investment or business decision to buy or invest in that building.

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